It’s no secret jerseys are special to sports fans. Whether it’s your favorite player name and number or a custom one-of-a-kind jersey with your name and number; you want that jersey to last.
At Rally House, we can give you an authentic, personalized sports jersey with the team of your choice on it. In order to ensure your Rally House sports jersey has a long closet life, you need to make sure you take proper care.

Washing Your Jersey

For starters, ensure that you wash your jersey inside-out in order to preserve the stitching and logos. Washing the jersey in a regular fashion will result in loose stitching and the letters fading. Make sure you undo the buttons to avoid additional stress on them and risk losing one.

Be sure to wash the jersey in cold water only, keeping it separate from other clothes. This helps to preserve your jersey’s color while preventing shrinkage. If you are using a washing machine, run your jersey under a gentle cycle. Keep in mind that it is also okay to hand wash or spot clean your jersey if you choose.

Drying Your Jersey

When finished washing your jersey, always leave it to hang dry in a warm area. Do not place your jersey in a dryer as it could cause damage due to the jersey’s fabric and materials. Most jerseys are made of synthetic or polyester materials that don’t handle the high heat of dryers very well. Some jersey may be okay on low settings, but better safe than sorry.

Do not iron your sports jersey as it can remove the numbers and letters on the shirt. When in doubt the best advice is to read the instruction labels to make sure your jersey is properly cared for.

Read the Tags

Always read the tags on your jersey for specific care instructions. The manufacturer put it there to help you. Different types of sports and styles of jerseys have their own unique instructions on how to best maintain them. What may work for that jersey of your favorite NHL hockey sweater might not be the same for star MLB pitcher.

Whether you’re on the bleachers rooting for your favorite player to make that slam dunk or enjoying game day with friends and family in front of the big screen, you’ll definitely want to do so while supporting your team with an authentic jersey. So be sure to take good care of it with these simple but essential tips. Take care of your jersey and it will take care of you.