Superstition is Only Superstition if it Doesn’t Work

If you’re a sports fan, then you probably already know some of the traditions, rituals, and superstitions of your favorite team. A familiar chant, a favorite song, or a special handshake. Sometimes, you’ll discover a strange sports tradition or ritual that you might not know. Whether it’s making sure to always wear your lucky jersey or putting on your rally hat and chanting your team’s name over and over again, here some familiar and some pretty odd sports traditions.

Rally Cap

The Rally Cap, or the process of wearing your hat inside-out or upside-down, is one of the most well-known sports rituals. No one really knows how or who started this odd tradition, but either way it is now one of the most dependable rituals in sports history. The timing of when the rally hat is acceptable is debatable. But the common practice is waiting until the final stages of a game to bust out the rally hat. It is only to be used as a last ditch effort to invoke sports magic.

Batting Ritual Warm-up

Many famous batters from almost every era of baseball has had some sort of batting ritual that must not be disturbed. The ritual could consist of some hand gestures with the hat in hand or twisting and twirling the bat around until the ritual is complete. Either way, this one is odd indeed and has been shown to stand the test of time. Next time you’re at a baseball game, watch the batter warm-up before entering the batter’s box to witness their special warm-up ritual .

Do Not Call The No-Hitter

Let’s be honest, when your team is winning with only a couple innings left and your pitcher isn’t letting anyone hit; it’s safe to say that no one or nothing must distract him as he strikes out player after player. This one was started back in the early days of baseball and has since then evolved into a strict tradition that must not be tampered with. The moral of the story here is, if your favorite pitcher is striking out the opposing team one after another, everyone keeps quiet – no questions asked.

Lucky Jersey Number

Famous sports players from all fronts have a number on their jersey. These numbers are used to specify players of certain positions or help identify them from a distance. Once a player find a number they like, it’s hard to let it go. When a player switches teams, there’s often conflict or bargaining needed for the player to ensure they get their lucky number. Money, favors, or even a friendly rock-paper-scissors match can decide which player gets a number. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes a player just feels more comfortable in their special number.

Free-throw Handshake


One of the more recent sports traditions to develop is the free-throw handshake ritual. Regardless if the player makes it in the hoop or not, they ALWAYS make sure to shake or slap hands with a teammate. The free-throw is all about mechanics and repetition of the shooting motion, but the teammate handshake has become such an important part of the motions that it must be done for every free-throw

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