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Something seems.. a little off

When you decide to buy a jersey to represent your favorite team or player, you want to make sure you are getting authentic apparel. It’s typically a big investment compared to a t-shirt, so you want to make sure you’re getting something high in quality.

Unfortunately, there are many suppliers and scammers out there selling fake or counterfeit jerseys, leaving disappointed fans wearing something of a lower quality than what they were expecting. If you would like to avoid that fate, make sure to order your next jersey from an authorized retailer, like Rally House. Our collection of jerseys for sale contains only authentic and licensed gear, so you will always know you are getting the real thing.

Quality Over Savings

The main reason to buy authentic apparel as opposed to a cheap imitation is simply the quality of product that you will receive. Fake jerseys don’t last long, especially when washed or cleaned. The lack of quality control on counterfeit jerseys often means they may look okay at first, but just a couple of washes later and you are likely to lose a few buttons or letters.

Authentic gear is something that you will be proud to wear to the stadium or even just to the store, as it will look as great in nearly any setting. When you pick up a jersey from a local store or order online from an authorized dealer, you’re getting the real deal and know exactly what you’re getting. Ordering a fake jersey online is somewhat of a gamble. Again, the lack of quality control doesn’t ensure you’re getting the same thing in the picture.

It’s the Little Things

Spotting fake sports jerseys is as simple as paying attention to the quality of the product and the markings that are around the item. If the logos on a jersey don’t look ‘quite right’, you are probably dealing with a fake. This is a case where going with your gut feeling is almost always going to be the right decision – if a jersey doesn’t look like the real thing, it probably is not. Colors, patches, stitching, and tags are just a handful of things to check. If anything is off , you probably want to avoid it. Check out this slideshow of fake jerseys found frequently. Many are close to looking acceptable, but each one has just a little something off:

Save Money With The Real Deal

The best way to ensure that you are getting a real jersey each time you make a purchase is to deal with an authorized company or retailer. Whether you shop Rally House for jerseys or one of our competitors, make sure you’re getting the real thing.

Our collection of jerseys includes offerings from many of the top teams in leagues such as MLB, NHL, NBA, and MLS. There is a good chance that your favorite team will be available on our site, so feel free to browse until you find the perfect authentic jersey to add to your collection. Rally House even offers custom MLB jerseys from select teams available online and in select stores.

We hope that you find exactly what you are looking for, and we hope that you enjoy your authentic jersey for years to come! You may have saved a few bucks compared to buying an authentic jersey, but the cost of trying to repair and replace a fake jersey will add up pretty quick. In the end, buying an authentic jersey may end up being the most cost-effective.