Top 4 Items To Get Autographed

Meeting a player from your favorite team can be a life-changing moment for any sports fan. Whether you get your chance to meet them at the game or at a special signing event (like Rally House player appearances), you’re going to need some things for them to sign. Here are some of the best souvenirs and memorabilia to bring with you to score the perfect autograph.

Sports Equipment – Bats, Balls, Pucks, etc. 

From baseball to hockey, every sport has some sort of iconic piece of equipment. If you plan on going to a baseball game, bring a bat or a glove. For hockey, a stick or a puck are great items to bring. For basketball or football, a ball is a perfect choice to get signed. All of these items are easy to carry and most can be brought into any sporting event. Each and every one of them can be displayed on a wall or on a shelf in a custom case that will look great in any sports room or fan cave.

Sports jerseys are a perfect solution when you are seeking an autograph-able item. Having your favorite player sign a jersey with their name on it will make that jersey much more special. Luckily, Rally House has replica and authentic jerseys for sale and can even custom make them with your favorite players name and number! Jerseys are also one of the largest sized items you can get signed, so there’s room for plenty other signatures. Hang them up in a shadowbox frame for an extra classy look!


Things like hats and t-shirts are also great autograph options. They also provide space for lots of signatures and are very easy to display. In addition, you can choose to wear your autographed clothes to the game and show just how big of a fan you really are. Rally House offers tons of different hats and t-shirts with the logos of your favorite teams.

Random Items

Some people may find themselves face to face with a player from their favorite team, but may not have any of these items available. When this is the case, you have an opportunity to have something a little more unique signed. One popular choice is to get your game ticket signed. You can also use things like a dollar bill or even a tissue. Getting creative with the things you get signed will add a unique story to your experience.

If you prefer something with your favorite team’s logo on it, Rally House offers tons of different sports memorabilia and souvenirs. Ultimately, choosing the perfect item for your favorite players to sign is up to you!