If you weren’t watching last weekend’s Kansas City Royals series against the Toronto Blue Jays, you might have a lot of questions about the new unofficial Royals mascot known as “Rally Mantis“. Let’s get you up to speed:

A Praying Mantis Was Near the Royals Dugout for the Series

That’s about it. But the interesting events regarding the Rally Mantis revolve around the timing of his / her arrival and the outcomes of the latest games.

To begin, Kansas City lost the Friday night game in heartbreaking fashion. They lost 4-3 after the Blue Jays scored a go-ahead run in the ninth inning. The Royals slumping offense and bad luck seemed to continue during Saturday’s game as they were losing early in the game. Then, it appeared..


The Rally Mantis descended upon the Royal’s dugout in an attempt to motivate the team to recapture the rally magic that was so familiar to the team during the incredible 2015 World Series Championship run. With the help of their new friend and mascot, the Royals won again. This time 7-1 and on a Grand Slam from Kendrys Morales.

There was some concern about the Rally Mantis after an encounter with Royals VP of Broadcasting and Communication, Mike Swanson. However, it appears the mantis and Mike Swanson have cleared the air after the altercation and are on good terms. For helping the team and motivating the players, the Rally Mantis has a new home at Kauffman.

Where is Rally Mantis Now?

As of today, the mantis still resides at the stadium and appears ready to help the Royals with another series. Is this new mascot enough to rejuvenate the team for another playoff run? Only time will tell (but we’re really kind of hoping for some rally magic).

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UPDATE 8/12/2016

After helping the Royals win 3 of their last 4 games since appearing, the Rally Mantis is officially flying with the team for their next series against the Minnesota Twins.

Go Royals!

UPDATE 8/13/2016

Word from the team and media outlets is that official Rally Mantis has passed away. The team will continue to play through this tragedy and play on in his / her memory.