Get ready to show your colors like never before with the new exclusive brand of apparel from Rally House! We’re proud to introduce you to our private label brand known simply as RALLY. These one-of-a-kind styles and designs are only available at Rally House and are perfect for any game day when you want to inspire your team to rally to victory!

You’ll find RALLY apparel in select stores and online today! You’ll find these designs in our Kansas City-area stores and Aggieville store now, more to come soon!

Hand Drawn Designs from Real People


Sometimes, doing things the old-fashioned way is still the best. Special care and time are put into every RALLY design you’ll see. Many of the logos are hand-drawn for that extra sense of connection and inspiration to cheer on your team. Take pride in the apparel you wear, either in the stands or anywhere else.

Local Inspired for Local Fans

Rally House knows how important your teams and your city are to real fans. That’s why our RALLY apparel is designed with you in mind. We go beyond the traditional team logos and standard look that other apparel designs feature for a truly unique and special look.

Our first designs feature the Rally Pennant, a classic symbol of cheering on your team to victory when they need that extra push to come from behind. Available in several different colors for multiple teams!

Additional designs like the KC Home, Rally Arch, and Aggieville script logos are for sale in select stores or online. Pick up your favorites today! We’ve got other great designs to announce soon, so make to subscribe to our blog for future updates.

RALLY Apparel for Sale Now

Grab your RALLY shirt in your team’s colors before the next game! These 50/50 cotton and polyester blends are soft and comfortable enough to wear any time, even games that go past regulations. Our exclusive t-shirts feature printed tags on the inside for added comfort. Make sure to follow us for more designs and features to come!

Rally On and Show Your Colors!