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Rally House Aggieville is proud to continue the tradition of the Varney’s marquee featuring custom slogans for ever K-State gameday! No team is safe from the sign looking over historical Aggieville in Manhattan. That’s why Rally House is giving everyone the chance to write their own custom message for the marquee and win tickets to KSU home football games!

It’s simple really! We pick the best fan-made slogan each KSU gameday, put it up on the marquee, and reward that awesome fan with 4 KSU football tickets for that game. Prove you’re the most creative K-State fan and cheer on the Cats! Earn the ultimate bragging rights (for that week at least) with Rally House!

How to Win

  1. Go Like the Rally House Aggieville Facebook page
  2. Find the latest pinned post about winning tickets for that week’s home game
  3. Just submit your marquee slogan as a comment!

Tips to Help You Win

  • Shorter is better –  Space and letters are limited, so make it short and simple
  • Be original – Whether the opponets actually like Nickelback or not, some jokes are just a little worn out
  • Stay on target – Focus on the team KSU is playing that week
  • Stay Classy – Keep it classy, Cats. Don’t curse, use racial slurs, etc.

Rally On and Go State!