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CINCINNATI, Ohio – With the widest assortment of Bengals merchandise in the Cincinnati area, Rally House provided the latest and most popular Bengals gear to fans including Officially Licensed styles celebrating the Division and Conference Championships for the 2021-22 NFL season. Rally House brought in over 7,000 units of pre-printed Bengals Super Bowl Champions styles, ready for fans on Sunday night. With the Bengals loss, these styles were not available for purchase but will be making an impact in another way. Rally House will be donating pre-printed Bengals Super Bowl Champions apparel to Good360.

Along with all of Cincinnati, Rally House was cheering “WHO DEY” during the Bengals historic playoff run and is proud to bring the Bengals fanbase the best selection of merchandise. “During this playoff run, the excitement of the fanbase and energy that filled our stores was amazing” said District Manager Teri Hauenschild. “We were lucky to have been a part of it and be able to provide fans a shopping experience that was easy and enjoyable.”

Rally House was excited and ready to celebrate a Bengals Super Bowl win this year and believes the future is bright under young stars Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. They are feverishly replenishing and buying new styles to have Who Dey Nation geared up for the 2022-23 season.

Rally House is honored to join Fanatics and the NFL in donating to Good360, knowing that pre-prints are going to those in need. According to Fanatics, “Fanatics and NFL are proud to partner with Good360 on the donation of Runner-Up Merchandise. Good360 is the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving. They partner with socially responsible companies to source highly needed goods and distribute them through their network of diverse nonprofits that support people in need. By donating Runner-Up Merchandise, you are helping to close the need gap to open opportunity for all.”

Customers can purchase merchandise online now at https://www.rallyhouse.com. Follow Rally House Cincinnati on Instagram and Twitter (@RallyCincinnati).


Teri Hauenschild, District Manager


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