After a wild regular season, the 2022 NHL Playoffs will likely incite similar excitement while multiple high-scoring teams go head-to-head to win the Stanley Cup. As the playoffs ensue, are you ready to show your team loyalty with jerseys, apparel, and more? Lucky for you, Rally House carries a wide range of NHL merchandise for numerous teams, making it easy to get geared up to watch everything from the first round of playoffs to the Stanley Cup finals.

Looking Back on a Historic NHL Regular Season

Hockey is arguably one of the most exciting sports to watch, especially in the 2021-2022 NHL season. While this year brought back some normalcy with fan attendance and scheduling, it was abnormal in many other ways. For instance, there were a total of 119 goalies that played at least one game this year, breaking an all-time NHL record. This regular season also had an average of 6.3 goals per game, the highest-scoring run in 26 years. Plus, eight players broke 100 points, which is the most since the ’95-’96 season.

With so many scored goals and on-fire players, it’s clear why fans are pumped up for the 2022 NHL Playoffs, and Rally House is here to help you showcase your excitement with all sorts of official NHL gear!

Rep Your Favorite NHL Team During the Playoffs

Rally House takes pride in being a trusted retailer for sports apparel and merchandise, and this includes an extensive selection of NHL playoff gear. No matter who you’re rooting for during the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs, you can get all the apparel, accessories, and gifts you want from the Rally House website or a store near you. Here are a few playoff participants you’ll find products for at Rally House:

  • St. Louis Blues: The Blues managed to win it all back in 2019, but can they do it again this year? Watch them go for it all while boasting your team pride with STL Blues playoff merch or other Blues gear from Rally House!
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: When you’re wearing Pittsburgh Penguins playoff merch or any other Penguins gear while watching them make a run for the trophy, you’ll feel like a true fan while letting everyone know who you’re rooting for.
  • Dallas Stars: Whether you like repping your team with a jersey, hat, t-shirt, or something else, Rally House has what you’re looking for in our enormous Dallas Stars collection.

Get Your NHL Gear from Rally House Today

You won’t have any trouble finding the merchandise you want when you visit Rally House, as we carry various NHL jerseys, shirts, and hats. Not the biggest hockey fan? Then buy a gift card for the dedicated NHL fans in your life so that they can get ready to cheer during the playoffs and 2022 Stanley Cup finals!

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