NFL uniforms have changed drastically since the league’s conception, starting with polar opposite designs compared to what we see today. Not only are current uniforms immensely safer, but they’re also far more enjoyable to look at than those from the past. One piece of the uniform that has become the most iconic and recognizable is the jersey. NFL jerseys have come a long way over the years, and as the 2022 NFL season swiftly approaches, Rally House thought fans might like a glimpse into the history of NFL jerseys before heading out to purchase a new one for themselves!

From Sweaters to Form-Fitting Jerseys

In the early days of the NFL, player uniforms were minimalistic, using very little padding and sweatshirt-like jerseys made of wool or cotton. Eventually, teams started using polyester for more breathability and incorporated laces down the sides to create a tighter fit harder for opponents to grab onto during play. Next came tearaway jerseys made of mesh, which left a lot of aggressive ball carriers with hardly any jersey remaining at the end of a game.

In 1973, uniform rules started to arise, specifically with the disallowance of those odd mesh jerseys and the inclusion of a numbering system based on position. While players were allowed to customize their jersey for a short stint, this was eventually done away with when there became more league-wide standards and a revolutionary redesign from Nike in 1997. This was when we started to see stretchy side panels and the disappearance of long sleeves, replaced by a tank top style with elastic to hold the sleeves under shoulder pads.

Practicality and Style Combine in Modern NFL Jerseys

With the rising popularity of color televisions in the ’60s, teams started using brighter, more distinctive colors on jerseys, eventually leading to the stand-out jerseys we know and love today. And even though jerseys became undeniably better for player safety and efficiency, they also became widely popular fan gear because of the improved styling. Thankfully, Rally House carries a diverse assortment of NFL jerseys for all the devoted football fans out there!

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