Whether you’re a proud parent, dedicated teacher, or a student looking to take your outfit game to the next level this upcoming school year, Rally House is here to help. We are the premier destination for quality sports apparel and local merch featuring distinctive designs and premium materials. All students and educators can count on Rally House for awesome gear to rep their favorite teams with one of the best selections of back to school clothes in-store and online!

Sift Through an Array of Sports Apparel

The best part about doing your back to school shopping at Rally House is that you get to look through our massive assortment of top-notch sports apparel from renowned brand names. So, not only will you get to enjoy high-quality back to school clothes, but you’ll also get to flaunt incredible designs that are sure to turn heads.

And while we offer various popular pro teams from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and other leagues, we also stock an enormous selection of college apparel. These college tees, hats, and other products are great for students, professors, and parents that never stop showing support for their kid’s school! These are some store locations on the campus or close to prominent universities:

Check Out Unique, Locally Inspired Merch

If you like showing your hometown pride when heading into school, Rally House has you covered with our impressive collection of local apparel and high school merch. You’ll be able to express your love of all things related to your city, high school, or college town while looking great doing so. Plus, like our sports apparel, these localized products are of the highest quality, especially all the RALLY Brand apparel we offer!

Take Advantage of Tax-Free Weekend!

One of the most anticipated parts of back to school shopping is the joy of saving money during Tax-Free Weekend! If you reside in one of the many states offering this tax break, you’ll be glad to know that it often applies to the clothing available at Rally House. That means significant savings on outstanding team gear, college apparel, and local tees! Don’t miss out on the major savings at Rally House during Tax Free Weekend, which starts for most states on August 5th.

Start Your Back to School Shopping Today

Rally House is the retailer you can rely on to make sure you look your best each time you enter the classroom, and we invite you to start your back to school shopping today! Feel free to swing by one of our stores or use our website to place an order for all the gear you want. And don’t forget an e-Gift Card for any students, teachers, or parents you think would enjoy shopping with us!

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