There’s no denying that the Cincinnati Bengals have one of the most devoted fanbases in the league, which is why Rally House is honored to team up with Local12 to sponsor Bengals Nation! This weekly broadcast revolves around all things Cincinnati Bengals, including highlighting the previous game, looking ahead to the next matchup, and giving players and coaches a chance to answer fans’ questions.

Bengals Nation is taped every Wednesday night during the season at On the Rhine Eatery in downtown Cincy prior to airing the Saturday night before each Bengals’ game. The best part is that fans like you can attend this exciting event during the Wednesday tapings at OTR Eatery for an opportunity to meet your favorite stars and shop stand-out Cincinnati Bengals gear from Rally House!

Prepare for Every Game with Bengals Nation

There’s no better way to prepare for gameday than with Bengals Nation, sponsored by Rally House. Not only will this program go over all the essential details leading into the next game on the Bengals’ schedule, but it will also feature segments from your favorite players and coaches. Vonn Bell and Mike Hilton will team up for an entertaining segment each week, while head coach Zac Taylor will have his segment with a surprise guest every week.

If you decide to attend the Bengals Nation taping at OTR Eatery on any given Wednesday during the season, you’ll be able to check out all sorts of awesome Cincinnati Bengals gear from Rally House. While this eye-catching merch will look great at the stadium and watch parties, it’s also perfect for signatures if you’re lucky enough to meet one of the players or coaches while attending! Here are some popular products you could find at these Wednesday tapings:

Explore Even More Bengals Gear and NFL Merch Today

Rally House looks forward to helping dedicated fans like yourself find Cincinnati Bengals gear to express your unending team spirit when you visit a taping of Bengals Nation. Still, we encourage you to browse our NFL Shop today for a broader assortment of merchandise, from NFL jerseys and hats to NFL tumblers and tailgate accessories!

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