When students, alumni, and general college sports fans think of the University of Kansas, they likely think about the immensely talented Jayhawks basketball team. However, now everyone is talking about KU football and the team’s undefeated record heading into Week 6 of the season! With an outstanding 5-0 record moving into Week 6, the KU football team has fans yearning for another heart-pounding performance as they face undefeated TCU at home in the David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium. And the icing on the cake is that KU will host ESPN’s College GameDay for the first time in program history!

While Jayhawks football might not have had the most exciting past several seasons, they’re currently crushing that lull while rising as a top contender in the league – and Rally House can’t wait to help you celebrate with college apparel and accessories from our KU Store!

Why is this Jayhawks Football Hot Streak So Special?

Seeing the Jayhawks go undefeated to start their schedule is undeniably awesome. Still, that’s not the only reason fans are going crazy for KU football. For instance, this is the first season since 2009 that the KU football record has reached five wins and zero losses. There’s also lots of praise going to the KU football coach, Lance Leipold, because of the significant strides he’s making in only his second year as head coach for the team.

KU football rankings are also making headlines and giving fans reason to cheer. For the first time in 13 years, the University of Kansas enters the AP Poll at number 19, ending the longest drought among Power Five conference teams while providing KU the recognition they deserve. Plus, the AFCA Poll ranked KU football number 17, further showcasing the elite talent of this organization.

Hype is Off the Charts for Next KU Football Game Against TCU

The Kansas Jayhawks are set to host the TCU Horned Frogs at home this weekend while simultaneously welcoming ESPN’s College GameDay Week 6 coverage! If you’re lucky enough to attend this event in person, you’ll want to check out all the incredible KU gear Rally House is offering at the stadium. We’ll have extensive selections of merch in multiple places around the venue, ensuring all devoted fans like yourself can commemorate this long-awaited success with a KU football jersey, t-shirt, KU hat, and much more!

Shop KU Gear at Rally House Today

Rally House is pumped to see the Jayhawks dominate the competition, and we know you are too. Thankfully, you can stop by one of these Rally House Lawrence KS stores today or on your way to David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium this weekend to find all your KU gear in one place:

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