The 2022 MLB season was very eventful, to say the least. We’ve witnessed several legendary players break records on their way to retirement, new stars come into the spotlight, and a multitude of thrilling matchups with unexpected outcomes. Now it’s time for the highly anticipated 2022 MLB World Series, featuring the Philadelphia Phillies and the Houston Astros. With hype continually building, Rally House is coming along for the ride as your trusted source of MLB Postseason apparel as we get closer to crowning a World Series Champion!

Philadelphia Phillies: A Hard-Fought Road to the Championship

Many would agree that Philadelphia is home to some of the country’s proudest, most dedicated baseball fans, especially now that the Phillies are in the World Series! The team has overcome the underdog status multiple times this season and offseason, showcasing they have what it takes to compete at the highest level. Plus, this will be the Phillies’ first World Series appearance in 13 years, making it that much more special for the team and fanbase.

Thankfully, Rally House has all the Phillies postseason gear you need to commemorate this special occasion!

Houston Astros: Dominating their Way to the World Series

The Houston Astros have dealt with a lot of trash talk and harsh words from baseball fans over recent years. However, the team has turned all the negativity into fuel. The Astros played their hearts out this postseason, defeating all their opponents and letting all the haters know they deserve their 4th trip to the World Series in the past six years. And what’s even more impressive is that they are one of very few teams that can boast a 7-0 start in the playoffs!

If you’re ready to watch the Astros make a run for the Championship Title, make sure you’re geared up with Astros postseason apparel from Rally House!

Prepare for the World Series with MLB Gear from Rally House

Are you eager to watch the 2022 MLB Playoffs and see if your team comes out on top? Then let Rally House help you make this World Series one to remember with outstanding MLB gear from our Phillies Store and Astros Store! You’ll have no trouble finding all the MLB Postseason apparel and MLB World Series gear you want when you shop with us. Just stop by one of our stores or place an order on our website today!

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