Sports fans owe a lot to the hard-working, dedicated student-athletes who fill the rosters for our favorite college teams. Thankfully, these athletes are finally receiving the praise they deserve with the new Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) policies set forth by the NCAA. Current NIL policies are relatively new and continue to evolve; still, they allow college athletes to receive compensation for merchandise and branding relating to their Name, Image, and Likeness – hence the name.

NIL policies only went into effect last year, but they are already unleashing a multitude of sponsorship deals and merch opportunities for players, especially here at Rally House. We’re calling on all NCAA fans to explore our ever-growing NIL collection today. This assortment of NIL merchandise allows you to express your fandom while supporting the athletes who make gamedays as exciting as they are!

Explore Our NIL Collection at Rally House

The current NIL policies in place have allowed Rally House to gain licensing to produce NIL merchandise and apparel for a slew of legendary players, including one-of-a-kind RALLY Brand NIL apparel you can’t find anywhere else! Here are a few of the star players we carry NIL merchandise for:

  • Jalon Daniels: Excitement for KU football has been through the roof lately, and that’s partially due to the team’s impressive quarterback – Jalon Daniels. Luckily, Rally House offers Jalon Daniels apparel throughout our KU Store!
  • Deuce Vaughn: Speed and power are necessities for a successful running back, and the K-State Wildcats have just that in Deuce Vaughn. If you’re a fan of this fierce running back, show support with Deuce Vaughn NIL merchandise from Rally House.
  • Payton Thorne: As fans cheer on the Michigan State Spartans during the college football season, one player many eyes are on is Payton Thorne. And you’ll be glad to know that we make it easy to represent this talented QB with stylish Payton Thorne merch!
  • Gradey Dick: The KU basketball team is aiming for back-to-back NCAA Championship wins, and Gradey Dick is looking to assist them in achieving this goal. If you’re pumped to see what this new Jayhawks basketball player has in store, don’t miss out on the broad selection of Gradey Dick apparel at Rally House.

Rally House is proud to offer a massive selection of NIL merchandise for all your favorite student athletes from a wide range of universities. And the best part is that we carry products for players across multiple NCAA sports, including college football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer NIL apparel!

Get NIL Merchandise to Support College Athletes Today

The new NCAA NIL policies have opened the door for all your favorite student athletes to profit from their fame, resulting in much more college apparel and team gear for you to choose from at Rally House. Just stop into a store near you or browse our website to check out all the incredible NIL merchandise we have in stock today!

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