Adidas is arguably one of the most recognizable brands in the sports industry, and they’re using their platform to make massive strides to reduce environmental waste. One way the company is trying to lessen their carbon footprint is with Adidas Primegreen NHL jerseys, which utilize recycled materials to be more eco-friendly. Rally House also wants to make a more positive impact on our planet, which is why we’re honored to stock our Jersey Store with a vast assortment of Adidas Primegreen NHL jerseys for all your favorite hockey teams!

What are Adidas Primegreen NHL Jerseys?

Several years ago, Adidas launched their ADIZERO line of shoes, which stood out for being lightweight, breathable, and far more durable. Eventually, Adidas created ADIZERO apparel, including Primegreen NHL jerseys! These hockey jerseys are engineered for elite professional play with high-performance materials containing a minimum of 50% recycled content. Each team jersey maintains the classic striping and logo fans expect, along with dimensional embroidery that draws attention to the sustainable materials and two-layer twill to accentuate authenticity.

Adidas Making Moves to Reduce Carbon Footprint

While these new Adidas NHL jerseys are a huge step in the right direction, it’s only one part of the larger puzzle for this world-wide manufacturer. Since 2012, Adidas has worked on innovative technology and processes to lower their negative environmental impact. In fact, their goal is to completely eliminate the use of virgin polyesters by the year 2024. Rally House praises Adidas on these advancements and is proud to offer these forward-thinking Primegreen NHL jerseys in our NHL Store, as our company is continually working to become more eco-friendly as well!

Shop NHL Jerseys at Rally House Today

Rally House happily embraces environmental progress and reducing our carbon footprint, which is why we’re thrilled to only carry Adidas Primegreen NHL jerseys! You can check out these awesome uniforms and much more NHL gear in person at a store near you. Or feel free to order your NHL hats, hockey hoodies, and more merch through our website today. And think about purchasing an e-Gift Card so those diehard hockey fans in your life can upgrade to these cutting-edge ADIZERO hockey jerseys too!

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