As we all participate in festive activities and family gatherings at the end of the year, we can’t forget about those in need. Rally House wants to help the community have a brighter holiday season, which is why the company donated food and household items to Harvesters Community Food Network in Kansas City. Employees rallied together to give back to those that need extra assistance during this special time of year, and there’s even a way for you to participate in the cause with RALLY Brand apparel!

The Importance of Harvesters Community Food Network

Harvesters is a regional food bank that collects and distributes food and various household items to a network of over 760 partner agencies in Kansas and Missouri. Everywhere from emergency food pantries and homeless shelters to children’s homes and other outlets benefit from donations to Harvesters. This nonprofit organization also provides educational programs to teach the community about proper nutrition while also raising awareness of hunger among those in need in our area. Their efforts are vital to struggling families and individuals, even more so during these winter holidays.

Giving Back with Donations and RALLY for Harvesters T-Shirts

Rally House is thrilled to partner with Harvesters year-round, especially during these special times. Company employees in the Kansas City area recently donated over 400 items to the organization, including food and household necessities, just in time for the holidays. Along with these donations, Rally House is also proud to offer RALLY for Harvesters apparel. Every RALLY for Harvesters shirt sold is approximately 21 meals to Harvesters, equating to over 87,000 meals donated so far, with more to come!

Team Up with Rally House to Help the Cause Today

If you’d like to make this holiday season better for someone in need, Rally House encourages you to purchase one of our RALLY for Harvesters t-shirts in your favorite color! Plus, you could top off your holiday shopping or pair one of these RALLY Brand shirts with an e-Gift Card to craft the ideal present for that picky loved one in your life. Just visit a store near you or place an order on our site today!

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