Rally House wants to provide diehard fans and proud locals with incredible assortments of apparel, accessories, and gifts far into the future. That’s why the nationally recognized retailer is taking large strides to become more eco-friendly – from the store levels to corporate. We’re ecstatic to share our efforts and how we’re working to become a sustainable company while remaining a trusted source for high-quality team gear and local merch across the country!

A Closer Look at How Rally House Reduces its Environmental Footprint

At the end of 2019, Rally House had solar panels installed at one of the corporate offices in Lenexa, KS, which signaled the start of our sustainability initiative that continues to this day. Solar panels are one of the best ways to reduce energy consumption, and these panels at our corporate location will offer estimated yearly savings equaling the energy of about 14 single-family homes! And while these solar panels are a massive step in the right direction, it’s only the beginning of the many actions we’re taking to become a more sustainable company.

Storefronts are switching to LED lighting, specifically in each new location we open. LED lighting is far less wasteful as they last significantly longer than typical light bulbs. Corporate offices and stores also recycle various materials while working hard to use as little paper as possible. Rally House is even implementing programmable thermostats and energy-efficient computer monitors, which also play a critical role in lessening our energy waste and improving our environmental impact.

See How Else Rally House Stands Out

Not all retailers are as steadfast in helping the environment as Rally House, but we’re proud to be different than the others. Still, our eco-friendliness isn’t the only way we stand out from the crowd. Rally House has grown over the years to become a national sports and merchandise retailer that fans everywhere count on to help them show their team spirit and hometown pride. We invite fans like yourself to visit a store near you or shop our website today for a better idea of all the outstanding local, NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, and other gear we offer!

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