LENEXA, KS – The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl LVII Champions, and Rally House is here to help you commemorate this historic occasion! With Mahomes and company’s second Super Bowl win, there’s no better time to represent the Chiefs with official jerseys, stylish apparel, and unique collectibles. Thankfully, Rally House is the premier sports and merchandise retailer offering expansive selections of NFL gear, plus products for MLB, NCAA, NBA, Local, and more.

Rally House takes pride in being a trusted source of sports apparel and memorabilia, especially after such a monumental victory like the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII. “Rally House was the go-to spot for Chiefs Super Bowl merch after their last win, and our team is excited to help fans gear up this time around too,” explains CEO Aaron Liebert. “We’re proud to offer tons of authentic Chiefs Super Bowl jerseys, apparel, hats, and collectibles in-store and online so that every fan can commemorate this incredible win!”

Customers will appreciate the diverse selection of Chiefs Super Bowl gear offered at Rally House, all from reputable brand names like Nike, New Era, and ’47, to name a few. Along with official NFL jerseys, fans will also find Chiefs Super Bowl hats, t-shirts, drinkware, coins and collectibles, and much more.

The company opened the doors at multiple Kansas City Rally House locations immediately following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory so that fans could represent with Super Bowl gear right away. Corporate and store-level team members are working hard to ensure shelves are replenished swiftly and online orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible throughout the coming weeks.

While Rally House carries a broad assortment of stand-out Super Bowl gear, sports apparel and local merchandise are also available for numerous leagues, teams, and locations across the country. The company recommends that customers explore more products online at www.rallyhouse.com, with shipping options for all 50 states.

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