As the 2022-2023 NFL season came to a thrilling end with Super Bowl LVII, two players seemed to make headlines more than others: Travis and Jason Kelce. This legendary duo is loved by many, not only for their impressive football skills but also for their strong bond and hilarious sense of humor. That’s why fans were elated to see this pair bring their unique personalities to the big stage with appearances on Saturday Night Live!

An SNL Episode to Remember

There have been many memorable SNL hosts over the years, but Travis Kelce might take the cake after last week’s show. While professional athletes haven’t appeared on the show much lately, Travis could have broken that dry spell by showing some pro players have an excellent comedic acting side. Ratings were through the roof for this episode, with a significant uptick in viewership in Kansas City and Philadelphia. Even famous stars like Henry Winkler provided positive reviews of Travis’ performance!

While Travis Kelce was undoubtedly the center of attention during his SNL episode, he also shared the stage with many well-known actors and actresses. However, one guest was particularly special for Travis, and that was his brother Jason Kelce. The two went back and forth in the “Bar Skit,” showcasing their wit and brotherly love all in one scene.

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