Rally House is determined to help every fan profess their team spirit and hometown pride, all while delivering an extraordinary customer experience. And while shopping at one of our physical locations is always a blast, we also want you to enjoy shopping on our website. That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil a refreshed website that not only looks immensely better, but also performs at a much higher level. With our new Rally House site up and running, we’re confident you’ll have even more fun shopping with us and picking out all your favorite team gear!

Key Improvements with the New Rally House Website

Many hours went into creating the new Rally House website, and all the hard work has paid off. Once you arrive at our new site’s homepage, you’ll be greeted by a stunning, contemporary design that is easy to navigate. At the top of the site are the various leagues and categories we offer, like NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, and others. Plus, there are more categories to explore, like other past and present teams, unique local apparel, hats, jerseys, and players. The best part is that you can sort through the various dropdown menus when you hover over a category, or you can click directly on the league or collection to browse the full assortment! Then, as you scroll further down the page, you’ll see the latest event collections and products, which get updated regularly so that you’re always representing with the hottest styles.

Along with a modernized and easy-to-use design, the new Rally House website also performs at far greater speeds than the previous version, helping you gear up sooner rather than later. With less backend data to load, each page you visit will populate faster so that you can start exploring options almost instantly. And finalizing your order is easier and quicker than ever, especially with added functionality like Apple Pay! Additionally, you can shop with confidence on our site, as we have improved security measures to keep your personal information protected from start to finish. Here are some other site upgrades to be on the lookout for:

  • Favorite Items: You can now favorite an item by clicking the ribbon icon next to the Add to Cart button, which saves the product to your accounts Wishlist (and you can have multiple Wishlists!)
  • Upgraded Search: We have made improvements to the search capabilities on our website so that you can find the items you want quicker and easier
  • Mobile Version: Sometimes shopping on your phone is more convenient, and our updated mobile website design will only make shopping on the go better
  • Find Your Store: Do you have a favorite store or need to find one close to you? Either is a breeze with our new Store Finder tool

Experience the Benefits of Our New & Improved Website Today!

The Rally House team is pumped to have a revitalized website that delivers a much better online shopping experience. Still, there’s plenty of room for improvement, and we’re eager to continually make this website better as time goes on. Until then, we look forward to fulfilling your online orders and helping you at a nearby Rally House. And be sure to get your friends and family an e-Gift Card so that they can get a better look at our upgraded website too!

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