Memorial Day is the designated time of year when Americans come together to commemorate loved ones who have given their life while serving in our country’s military branches. Whether you know someone who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom or want to help honor those you don’t know, you can make a difference with Folds of Honor apparel from Rally House. This patriotic clothing features American-themed designs and helps families of fallen or disabled service members achieve their educational goals.

Rally House Teams Up with Folds of Honor

Folds of Honor is a nonprofit company that assists families of fallen or disabled servicemen and women. The organization plays a major role in helping these family members succeed in their education by providing vital scholarships. That’s why Rally House is thrilled to partner with Folds of Honor and several major universities like Mizzou and KU! We have a wide range of Folds of Honor merchandise featuring your favorite school’s logo coupled with remarkable Americana style, but that’s only part of what these shirts offer. Rally House happily donates $5 to Folds of Honor for each garment sold from this collection, allowing you to help families reach their educational goals sooner rather than later.

Show USA Pride with More Americana Clothing

While Rally House is excited to help you find the perfect Folds of Honor shirt or hoodie, we also encourage you to browse our vast selection of Americana clothing! These items will pair perfectly with your new Folds of Honor merchandise, all while putting your patriotism on display everywhere you go. Plus, you’ll be glad to know that our selection of Americana merchandise includes everything from USA hats and koozies to USA flags and more! So, let Rally House help you prepare for Memorial Day events with all sorts of patriotic clothing.

Make a Difference and Gear Up with Rally House Today

No matter how you plan on celebrating Memorial Day this year, you can make a significant positive impact on someone’s life by purchasing Folds of Honor apparel from Rally House today. Then, we encourage you to browse our expansive assortment of college apparel and accessories to see what you can pair with your new Folds of Honor shirt or Americana clothing. Just swing by one of our stores or easily explore products on our website!

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