Major League Baseball teamed up with Nike a couple of years back to create the City Connect series, which has brought stunning uniform designs to the sport that fans and players are proud to wear. These new MLB uniforms are designed by Nike in tandem with each club, ensuring the City Connect jerseys and hats do as their name intends: display the strong connection between the organization and the city in which it resides. And the best part is that Rally House has a wide variety of MLB City Connect hats and jerseys for many of your favorite teams so that you can arrive in style with this one-of-a-kind merch!

2023 MLB City Connect Teams

Many spectators and players are pumped up about the new MLB City Connect uniforms because they’re drastically shaking up the traditional styling everyone has grown accustomed to. Furthermore, these MLB City Connect jerseys and hats incorporate thoughtful details that hint at the rich history of the city, fans, and club, along with the relationship between each. While we saw several remarkable MLB City Connect uniforms come out last year, like the Cubs, White Sox, Astros, and Royals, there are even more debuting this year. Here are the 2023 MLB City Connect teams that are either out already or coming soon:

Upgrade to a City Connect Jersey or Hat from Rally House

It’s awesome to see your favorite baseball stars wearing these new MLB City Connect uniforms on gameday, but wearing one yourself feels even better! Up your style while commemorating your city’s unbreakable bond with its baseball team by shopping MLB City Connect hats and jerseys in the MLB Shop at Rally House. You’ll be glad to know that we have plenty of City Connect jerseys and City Connect hats to choose from, with more to come as more teams unveil their classy new uniforms in future seasons.

Pair Your New City Connect Gear with More from Our MLB Shop Today

The MLB Shop at Rally House is stocked full of incredible gear, including all sorts of authentic MLB jerseys, hats, baseball collectibles, and much more. We invite you to browse our vast assortment of MLB gear and new City Connect apparel at a Rally House near you or on our website today so that you’re prepared to cheer on your team for years to come!

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