When Nike teamed up with Major League Baseball in 2021 to create the City Connect series, fans and players were ecstatic to have a radical uniform changeup. Excitement continues to build for these eye-catching baseball uniforms, especially after the third round of unveilings this year. With vibrant colors, unique styling, and various city-inspired elements, it’s clear why there’s so much hype around this new MLB City Connect collection.

Last year, Rally House took a deep dive into several of our favorite City Connect uniforms, which you can read here. Now, we’re eager to highlight a few more stand-out options from City Connect 2023!

Impressive Designs with New City Connect Jerseys & Hats

Each City Connect uniform works to blend elements of the team’s history with cultural aspects of the dedicated fanbase and the city in which the team resides. This deep meaning behind each design resonates with supporters and players, making every MLB City Connect jersey and hat special. Here are some details about select uniforms from City Connect 2023:

  • Texas Rangers City Connect: The Texas Rangers originated as a way to bridge the gap between Dallas and Fort Worth with a professional baseball team situated between the two cities in Arlington, TX – and that’s reflected in the Texas Rangers City Connect design. The Rangers City Connect uniform also calls out April 21, the day when Texas gained its independence, the first recorded baseball game in the state, the Rangers’ first home game, and the on-field debut of these remarkable uniforms.
  • Cincinnati Reds City Connect: Cincinnati baseball fans are some of the most dedicated fans out there, and the new Cincinnati Reds City Connect uniforms aim to symbolize this passion. The bold, modern “C” on the Reds City Connect hat signifies moving forward, while the Reds City Connect jersey features “Cincy” in bold lettering as a nod to the city’s nickname. Plus, fans and players love the sleek color scheme of black and red across the entire Reds City Connect uniform.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates City Connect: Black and gold are essential colors to Pittsburgh sports, hence why they’re the primary colors for the new Pittsburgh Pirates City Connect uniforms. The Pirates City Connect jersey even features “PGH” in a specific font inspired by the city’s iconic bridges. Other subtle design choices, like the checkered pattern, hint at Pittsburgh’s history with the steel industry and its current transition to technology and science.

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