Volleyball and Nebraska go hand-in-hand, with tons of passionate fans throughout the state. That’s why it only makes sense that Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball would end up breaking the world record for the most fans at a women’s sporting event! This monumental achievement has everyone talking, and Rally House is happy to help you commemorate the moment with unique Nebraska volleyball apparel!

Nebraska Cornhuskers Women’s Volleyball Makes History

It’s impossible to ignore the immense amount of hype surrounding college volleyball in Nebraska, especially in the Lincoln and Omaha areas. This dedicated fanbase made dreams come true for Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball, as fans packed Memorial Stadium last week for a day dedicated to this widely-loved sport. 92,003 spectators filed into the stadium, effortlessly setting the world record for attendance at a women’s sporting event!

The previous record for most spectators at a women’s sporting event was set by a Barcelona and Real Madrid Champions League match in 2022, making it even more remarkable that a college volleyball event now holds the top spot. Nebraska volleyball also crushed the record for most spectators at an NCAA volleyball match, which ironically was held by the Cornhuskers themselves.

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