There’s already a ton of hype surrounding college football, but even more so after this insane season. Besides considerable drama surrounding several big schools, it’s also the last season before the league debuts a slew of changes to conferences and playoff formatting. But when fans thought the craziness was over, the committee announced the participants for the 2023-24 College Football Playoffs. Now, Rally House is happy to catch you up to speed on the latest headlines as we await the start of the College Football Playoffs and other bowl games!

CFP Selections Leave Fanbase Torn

One headline still resonating from the regular season is the Michigan cheating scandal, a major red flag that some fans expected to impact the school’s chance at postseason fame. However, another headline overshadows the heat directed at coach Harbaugh and the Wolverines: (5) FSU missing out on their chance at becoming college football champions. The Seminoles fought their way to become ACC Conference champs to maintain their perfect record, but that wasn’t enough for the committee to push them through. Plus, the reigning champions – the (6) Georgia Bulldogs – gave up their spot in the final four after falling short in their final game and giving up their undefeated season.

After all the twists and turns on Selection Day, spectators get to look forward to a unique set of games in the 2023-24 College Football Playoffs. Here’s a look at the top four teams yearning for a spot in the CFP Championship:

Commemorate the Last Four-Team College Football Playoffs

The 2023-24 College Football Playoffs will be the last time we get to watch the high-intensity layout of only four teams, as next year will usher in the new 12-team format. With it being the last college football playoffs of this style and all the other unique factors of this year’s postseason, you’ll want to make sure you have College Football Playoff shirts and merch to remember all the excitement. Count on Rally House for authentic and stylish college football apparel like Michigan Rose Bowl shirts, Alabama Rose Bowl shirts, and Texas Sugar Bowl shirts! Plus, you can represent your school with NCAA jerseys and other top-tier options from our vast inventory – so start shopping today!

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