Few sports have a fanbase as dedicated and passionate as football fans, especially when the postseason rolls around. The 2023-24 NFL Playoffs are right around the corner, meaning there are several thrilling showdowns to anticipate. Whether your team is in the playoffs or not, there’s no doubt that this year’s NFL postseason will be one for the books. Let Rally House catch you up to speed on the current NFL playoff picture and give you a better idea of the authentic NFL playoff gear we have available now!

Surprising Playoff Participants

Every team seemed to begin the season with high hopes of attaining a spot in the 2023-24 NFL Playoffs. However, the regular season dished out an insane number of twists and turns for almost every team in the league. Such a wonky regular season has resulted in an equally interesting NFL Playoff picture, including several surprising participants. While a handful of teams were determined to break a years-long playoff drought, only the Detroit Lions were able to do so. Cheeseheads all around Wisconsin are also going wild, as their new QB – Jordan Love – has led the Packers to a spot in the playoffs in the final stretch of the season. Even the Texans and Steelers found a way to be a part of the postseason!

Highly Anticipated Games to Watch

While they earned a first-round bye in the postseason, the one-seeded 49ers and Ravens are sure to put on a show during the second round. Still, there are several huge games to watch in the first round. For instance, the Chiefs will host the Dolphins for a rematch everyone is excited for, where we can see former teammates Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill give it their all for their respective offenses. Fans are also pumped to watch the Cowboys take on the Green Bay Packers to see which team has what it takes to advance to the next round. Regardless of which games you catch in the coming weeks, we’re sure there will be plenty of action throughout the NFL Playoffs!

Showcase Your Team Spirit with Official NFL Playoff Gear

On top of providing you with a rundown of what’s to come in the first round of the 2023-24 NFL Playoffs, Rally House also wants to help you prepare for the excitement with stylish team gear! We’re happy to offer all sorts of authentic NFL Playoff apparel for your favorite teams. Plus, as teams advance, you can count on us for even more NFL Playoff gear! Check out the NFL Shop at Rally House for playoff shirts, NFL jerseys, NFL hats, and much more.

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